Wage differences between genders and ages in PEI

Continuing on my cross-Canada series on income inequality between genders and ages, today I post the results for PEI.


The dataset and R code used to generate the plots can be found here.


The below graphs show the average wages for men and women for the different age groups.

LOG Full-time employees Prince Edward Island

LOG Part-time employees Prince Edward Island

Positive Analysis: Overall, average wages between genders are equal in PEI.  The below graph shows that PEI has always had the lowest difference between genders out of all the provinces.

LOG Full-time employeesCanadaAndProvincesTotals-page-001

The largest occupation category in PEI, Sales and Service (link), also has the largest difference in wages between genders.

According to the data set used, PEI is the only province in Canada which has a higher average wage for women than men.

Wages for men appear to have stagnated since 2010 compared to other provinces.

Normative Analysis: PEI seems to have always been the best in terms of equality of wages between genders.  However, for the past 4 years, the gains in equality might be mostly do to stagnation of wages for men in the top two age groups.  It’s surprising that Sales and Service had the largest difference in wages given that almost twice the number of females work in that occupation compared to males (source).  What’s interesting is that even though roughly the same number of men and women work in PEI, they don’t share many occupations evenly.  I will update this later with a chart to show this.

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